Mysterious Mind Of Mine




Behind these deep dark eyes lies my hidden soul; concealed.

~ Mysterious Mind ©


Aching Heart

My mind might be blunt

But my heart still aches for you

And my soul very much misses you. 

~ Mysterious Mind ©

The Transporter

I’m just a vessel; transporting my soul to its destiny.

Mysterious Mind ©

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Hide And Seek

I hid my soul for you to seek; hide and seek.

~ Mysterious Mind ©


Tears running down my cheeks

Washing away the smile on my face

As you walked away

Leaving my heart empty

And my soul lonely.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Soul Cleansing

In need of some soul cleansing; will a washing machine do the job?

~ Mysterious Mind ©


My body is refusing to acknowledge my crying soul; in denial.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Soulless Heart

You stole my heart; but you left my soul behind.

~ Mysterious Mind ©


Music; to the soul

Is just like morphine to the painfully ailing body

Soothes the pain and kills the sorrow. 

~ Mysterious Mind ©

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