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Love And Sacrifice

I re-watched yet another movie today and as usual my curious mind started doing its thing.

Would you sacrifice your love for the happiness of the person you love because you aren’t well and probably wouldn’t be able to live long?

On top of rejecting the love of the person you love by lying to the person, you further add on to the pain by playing Cupid to matchmake the person you love with another person.

It’s probably one of the hardest thing to do but would you be able to do it?

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Aching Heart

My mind might be blunt

But my heart still aches for you

And my soul very much misses you. 

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Marriage And Relationship

A movie that I just watched (re-watched after many years actually) got me thinking about marriage and relationship. What really happens to a relationship after marriage? Does the love actually fade off after many years of marriage?

Well I guess it’s different if there was no love at all from the very beginning but then again a person might ask why marry in the first place? I guess that’s a whole different question. But what about those who fell in love and got married or those who even fell in love with their spouses after marriage. What happens to their love over the years? Does it just wear off? I can’t help but wonder?

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Home is where you reside; permanently in my heart.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

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I was born to be with you; purpose in life.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

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United By Fate/Faith

You and I are meant to be; united by fate/faith. 

~ Mysterious Mind ©



Winning your heart unopposed; challenging.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Moving In

Moving into your heart was the best decision that I’ve made; extremely pleased. 

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Who Am I, Again?

You said that I’m your wife.

The mother of your children.

But I sat there looking at you, as if I’m seeing you for the first time.

“Where am I?” I looked around. The place looked vaguely familiar.

“Do I know you?” I asked you again. But this time you just smiled. That smile, I’ve seen it before.

I reached out to touch you and I see my old wrinkled hand. I pulled back in horror, not knowing that I’ve aged.

You gently caressed my face. As I closed my eyes, memories came flooding in. Bits and pieces of our life events, appeared in flashes.

I opened my eyes and saw your tired eyes looking ever so lovingly at me. At that very moment I said, “Darling, I’ve missed you.” You never took your eyes off of me and I could see tears welling up in your eyes. You said “I’ve missed you too, sweetheart.”

“It just feels like yesterday that I married you. Where did the years go?” I asked and you gave me that smile, again. The smile that I fell for.

As I looked back down at my hands, you reached out and held it softly.

I looked at you and asked “Who am I, again?”

∼ Mysterious Mind ©

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