Mysterious Mind Of Mine



Sealed Thoughts

Walled up my mind to block my thoughts; sealed.

~ Mysterious Mind ©



Driving blindly into a tunnel, not knowing what’s at the end of it; clueless.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

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Trail Of Unsaid Words

My unsaid words leaving a trail on my mind; awaiting to be traced.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Disappearing Act

Now you see me, now you don’t; disappearing act.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Cup Of Tea

I drank my overflowing thoughts; just like a cup of tea.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Flipped Out

I flipped at the thought of you renovating my mind; flipped out.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Leap Year Babies

I was just wondering today what does it feel like to celebrate your birthday every 4 years once. I’m sure it must be extremely special to be born on 29th of February but the thought of having to wait for 4 years to have your special day is not something that I would want to experience because my birthday is something that I look forward to every year.

I can’t help wondering if the leaplings actually celebrate their birthdays on non leap years. Well I’m sure they do. I’m assuming they might celebrate it on the 28th of February or 1st of March or maybe even on both days 😆.

Anyway I would like to wish a very happy birthday to all the leap-year babies out there. May your wishes last for another 4 years. Cheers! 😄

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Soul Cleansing

In need of some soul cleansing; will a washing machine do the job?

~ Mysterious Mind ©


I’m sorry that you no longer found it interesting; till we read each other again; goodbye, for now.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

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