It’s That Time Of The Year, Again!

What I've come to realise is that every time a year comes closer to an end, I begin to have mixed feelings. I start wondering what the upcoming year is going to be like? What's in store for me? Am I ready for it? At the same time a pang of sadness hits me when … Continue reading It’s That Time Of The Year, Again!


Words Of Wisdom

"I wish to live a life that causes my soul to dance inside my body." ~Dele Olanubi

Aging Memories

A year from now, this will all just be a memory A memory that I can look back upon but not return to A memory that fades off as years go by A new memory taking over the previous ones Leaving no traces of the old ones to treasure. ~ Mysterious Mind ©

My Mind

My mind, it never seems to sleep, forever thinking. My mind, keeps wandering off, lost in deep thoughts. My mind, it's so deep that it is unable to surface. My mind, finds a way out but prefers to stay in. My mind, is mine but I'm yet to discover it. ~ Mysterious Mind ©

Soulless Stranger

 I looked into the mirror and I found a stranger standing there. Who was this person that I was looking at? I couldn't recognise her. I became worried. I tried to find myself inside the eyes of the stranger. But all I found was an empty soul staring right back at me. ~ Mysterious Mind ©