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Akismet oh akismet, when are you going to release me? When are you going to allow me to comment on another person’s blog without directly being sent to the spam box. The wait seems to be unbearably long…

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Gentle Reminder

I would just like to remind all the bloggers out there to check your spam regularly cuz some of the genuine blogger’s innocent comments (including mine) are going straight into the spam box.

My whole idea of blogging was to share my thoughts and to reach out to those who can relate to me and also to those whom I can relate to. How else am I to do that if my comments directly gets dumped into the spam box. We wouldn’t be able to interact that way.

Therefore kindly check your spam box regularly and if you do happen to find me there, please allow my comments to be published on your blogs. In other words “un-spam” me cuz believe me I’m in no way a spammer. This way we can continue a healthy interaction with each other. Thank you.

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I’ve been really frustrated since yesterday. I’ve noticed that none of my comments on another person’s blog seems to appear. Initially I thought it was pending review by the blogger. Then I realised it wasn’t cuz as soon as I hit the send button, the comment just disappears… *poof*. It just vanishes. Then I took the trouble to re-type the message (how smart of me for not saving a copy… well I wasn’t expecting it to just vanish like that!) and guess what? I get a message saying “Duplicate comment detected. It looks like you’ve already said that! Wth?!!? Argghhh… It looks like my comments are being mistakenly caught as spam. I mean hello?!?? I’m real!!! Just cuz I’m not revealing my identity that does not make me less human. I’m an actual living, breathing being. You know like the ones that have blood pumping through their heart while allowing the air to fill their lungs, digesting food on the way. Having a normal relationship in which the hormone levels goes up and down causing all senses to work just perfectly fine, allowing smooth mobility. Falling sick and recovering as well. Oh and on top of all that I’m covered with skin not some metal pieces. So there you go, I’m totally HUMAN! Not some autobot.

I’ve taken the necessary measures to resolve the issue. So I guess all I can do now is just wait and see. Hoping for the best. 🙏🏼

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