My MIA Moments

For those of you who are wondering what happened to me over the 2 years of my MIA, well nothing much actually. I moved place. Work took up much of my time and energy, and so did the stress that came with it. Basically life happened which I eventually sorted out (sort of ūü§£). I … Continue reading My MIA Moments


And I’m Back

Hello everyone!!! Yes, I know I've been missing for more than 2 years. OMG, seriously where did the 2 YEARS go?!? Well, I got caught up with other commitments in life. But now I'm back after a long hiatus. Yay!!! ūüíÉūüŹĽ A lot has happened in the past 2 years, some good stuff, some not … Continue reading And I’m Back


If looks could be deceiving; so was the mask on your face. ~ Mysterious Mind ¬© There are many people out there who are actually fake. They just claim to be genuine but in reality they are just self-centered people who make use of others for their own benefit and once they realise that the … Continue reading Mask