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If looks could be deceiving; so was the mask on your face.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

There are many people out there who are actually fake. They just claim to be genuine but in reality they are just self-centered people who make use of others for their own benefit and once they realise that the person is no longer of use or isn’t as useful as they thought, they just walk away and move on to the next.

Thank you for dropping by. Your service is no longer required. You may leave now as we have already found a substitute. 

People have somewhat become professionals in deceiving others with their innocent face, sugar-coated words and so-called genuine talks. It has become close to impossible to find someone who is genuinely sincere nowadays.

Most of the time in order to avoid these unnecessary situations, some tend to keep away and stay safe but are in return stamped as anti-social, snob, unfriendly. When in fact these people are the ones who are more genuine.

However far we run, we still tend to come across these fake people because they are everywhere. It has become highly impossible to distinguish between those who are sincerely genuine and those who are genuinely insincere due to the mask that they put on.

Choose wisely!

~ Mysterious Mind ©


Love And Sacrifice

I re-watched yet another movie today and as usual my curious mind started doing its thing.

Would you sacrifice your love for the happiness of the person you love because you aren’t well and probably wouldn’t be able to live long?

On top of rejecting the love of the person you love by lying to the person, you further add on to the pain by playing Cupid to matchmake the person you love with another person.

It’s probably one of the hardest thing to do but would you be able to do it?

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Completely Misunderstood 

Have you been misunderstood?

You mean to say something and it is often misunderstood and when you try to clarify, it further complicates the situation. So much so that you feel you shouldn’t have said anything in the first place 😂.

At other times when you try to convey a message and it ends up sounding wrong and by the time you realise how it sounded, it’s a little too late! Then again you try to explain but only to be left further embarrassed 😄.

What would you do in this kind of situation? 😉

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Married At First Sight

Would you marry a total stranger? I mean I’ve heard of the olden days brides and grooms in certain cultures being unaware of the existence of their future spouses prior to their wedding day. That was like donkey years ago. But in the current day and age? Seriously?!?

I came across this programme called Married At First Sight and I was surprised to see how a person could blindly marry someone without knowing anything about their future partner. They actually meet their future spouse for the very first time on their wedding day, at the altar! Can you believe that?

I do understand that each one of them have been interviewed by the professionals and they are matched accordingly. Well I know it’s some sort of an experiment but I still can’t help but wonder how could someone leave the fate of their marriage on another person’s hand? Would you be daring enough to take that risk?

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Majestic Beauty 

Your majestic beauty

Left me awestruck 

Revealing your true shades 

As the sun rose and set

Exposing your secrets 

As you glowed in gold 

Expressing your various moods

Throughout the day

Keeping me spellbound in every way

Never wanting to leave your site 

As I’m truly amazed at your mighty structure 

Leaving a significant impression on my mind now and forever. 

~ Mysterious Mind © 

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Leap Year Babies

I was just wondering today what does it feel like to celebrate your birthday every 4 years once. I’m sure it must be extremely special to be born on 29th of February but the thought of having to wait for 4 years to have your special day is not something that I would want to experience because my birthday is something that I look forward to every year.

I can’t help wondering if the leaplings actually celebrate their birthdays on non leap years. Well I’m sure they do. I’m assuming they might celebrate it on the 28th of February or 1st of March or maybe even on both days 😆.

Anyway I would like to wish a very happy birthday to all the leap-year babies out there. May your wishes last for another 4 years. Cheers! 😄

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Soul Cleansing

In need of some soul cleansing; will a washing machine do the job?

~ Mysterious Mind ©


I’m sorry that you no longer found it interesting; till we read each other again; goodbye, for now.

~ Mysterious Mind ©


Living the story of my life; in for a surprise.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

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