Mysterious Mind Of Mine




You left me torn apart; leaving me to mend my heart.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Aching Heart

My mind might be blunt

But my heart still aches for you

And my soul very much misses you. 

~ Mysterious Mind ©


A small chip that wounded my heart and brought tears to my eyes; shattered.

Mysterious Mind ©

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Home is where you reside; permanently in my heart.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

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Unexplainable Feelings

The heaviness in my heart, causing my feelings to sink; unexplainable.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

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Slow Death

My gaping wound

Oozed sorrow

Bleeding my heart out

Killing me slowly. 

~ Mysterious Mind ©


Tears running down my cheeks

Washing away the smile on my face

As you walked away

Leaving my heart empty

And my soul lonely.

~ Mysterious Mind ©


Winning your heart unopposed; challenging.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Moving In

Moving into your heart was the best decision that I’ve made; extremely pleased. 

~ Mysterious Mind ©

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