My MIA Moments

For those of you who are wondering what happened to me over the 2 years of my MIA, well nothing much actually. I moved place. Work took up much of my time and energy, and so did the stress that came with it. Basically life happened which I eventually sorted out (sort of šŸ¤£). I … Continue reading My MIA Moments


Sunshine Blogger Award

Okay, this is a loooonnnngggggg overdue award. I'm so sorry Savio. I know it's been ages but it's never too late to respond to a reward right? šŸ˜‰Ā Thank you Savio for nominating me. Do check out his blog to know more about him, trust me you'll never get bored! šŸ˜‚ The Rules : Thank the … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

The Big 500!

I've reached 500 likes today! Yay! Thank you fellow bloggers for your kind support and encouragement! Started this blog out of spur of the moment though I did give it a thought sometime back. I guess I just never had the courage. I never knew I had it in me. But right now, I have … Continue reading The Big 500!