And I’m Back

Hello everyone!!! Yes, I know I’ve been missing for more than 2 years. OMG, seriously where did the 2 YEARS go?!? Well, I got caught up with other commitments in life. But now I’m back after a long hiatus. Yay!!! 💃🏻

A lot has happened in the past 2 years, some good stuff, some not so good. I’ve taken some time to reflect on all the good things that came my way and I’m very much grateful for that.

I’ve taken the liberty to change the outlook of my blog. Just wanted to give it a brighter and happier feel rather than the previous dark and gloomy appearance. Well, I guess I just needed some colour to lighten up my already colourful life 🙂. The only thing that hasn’t changed is that I’m still remaining anonymous, for the same reason as explained on my first post.

I would like to thank everyone for sticking around 🤗. Appreciate the support. Let me warn you, I might not be posting as frequently as I should but I’ll try to keep my blog active 😊.

~ Mysterious Mind



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