Mysterious Mind Of Mine


Mysterious Mind

Mysterious Maze

My mind is a mystery 

If you unveil the story 

You’d be history 

Let it be trapped in a maze

You just stand aside and pace

While I’ll alone face.

∼ Mysterious Mind ©


Mysterious Secrets

There are some things that you will never know about me

Because my mind is a mystery

It’s better left untold

Since it’s worth more than gold.

∼ Mysterious Mind ©

Staying Mysteriously Anonymous

After many moons of wanting to start a blog, I FINALLY decided to do so! Well, it’s more like I finally found the courage to do so. You see, I’m actually a very quiet person. More of an observer and a listener unless I’m extremely close to someone then I actually talk more. I keep my thoughts to myself most of the time. Not because I have nothing to say but it’s more like I don’t think anyone is ready to hear my thoughts. So it’s a big deal for me to write my thoughts out and in order to do that I’ve decided to stay anonymous. That way I’ll be more comfortable in writing freely.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

~Maya Angelou

The main purpose of me starting this blog is to just pour out my thoughts which I’ve practically kept bottled up all these while. My mind is like a mysterious maze (hence my blog name). Sometimes I end up getting lost in it. So I think this might be my way of finding myself. It’s basically going to be random thoughts, things happening in and around my life, meaningful and relatable quotes. Oh and another reason for me to start blogging is so that I don’t end up with Alzheimer’s or Dementia by keeping my mind idle. After watching Notebook and U Me Aur Hum (excellent heart-wrenching movies I must say), trust me I definitely wouldn’t want to end up like that. So yeah, this is it. It’s the beginning of my long-winded journey of self discovery and along the way I hope I will be able to reach out to others who find my blog relatable.

Mysterious Mind ©

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