Mysterious Mind Of Mine




I was stuck in time

Replaying my memories

Like a broken record.

~ Mysterious Mind ©


Picture Perfect

Incredible views imprinted on my mind

Impossible to erase that easily

Leaving with a heavy heart

Not knowing when I’ll return

Maybe sooner maybe even later

How I wish I could be here forever

Inhaling your fresh air

Visually absorbing your amazing sights

Drowning in your glorified beauty

Never wanting to forget these memories

Thank you for your hospitality

Goodbye for now

Till we meet again, soon.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Haunting Memories

Shadows of the past

Returning to haunt

The mind at last.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

It’s That Time Of The Year, Again!

What I’ve come to realise is that every time a year comes closer to an end, I begin to have mixed feelings. I start wondering what the upcoming year is going to be like? What’s in store for me? Am I ready for it? At the same time a pang of sadness hits me when I’m leaving behind the current year. It’s like it’s been there for one whole year and no matter what, I wouldn’t be able to go back to revisit my memories. Then what comes to my mind is what my significant half always tells me, “take one day at a time”. The past is ought to be changed as its gone, the future is still uncertain as it is yet to be seen. Therefore why worry about the past and be nervous about the future? Live for the present as it is all that we have now. I’ve decided to embrace each day as it comes and live it to the fullest. So I’m just going to t.o.d.a.a.t (take one day at a time). Thank you 2015 for the memories. Hello 2016, it’s nice to meet you!

~ Mysterious Mind ©

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