Mysterious Mind Of Mine




I was stuck in time

Replaying my memories

Like a broken record.

~ Mysterious Mind ©


Sealed Thoughts

Walled up my mind to block my thoughts; sealed.

~ Mysterious Mind ©


My restless mind; torn between reality and fantasy; undecided.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Aching Heart

My mind might be blunt

But my heart still aches for you

And my soul very much misses you. 

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Majestic Beauty 

Your majestic beauty

Left me awestruck 

Revealing your true shades 

As the sun rose and set

Exposing your secrets 

As you glowed in gold 

Expressing your various moods

Throughout the day

Keeping me spellbound in every way

Never wanting to leave your site 

As I’m truly amazed at your mighty structure 

Leaving a significant impression on my mind now and forever. 

~ Mysterious Mind © 

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Trail Of Unsaid Words

My unsaid words leaving a trail on my mind; awaiting to be traced.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Challenging Task

Sharing a piece of my mind on a daily/regular basis; not an easy task.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Flipped Out

I flipped at the thought of you renovating my mind; flipped out.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Words Of Wisdom 

“A library is a hospital for the mind.”


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