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If looks could be deceiving; so was the mask on your face.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

There are many people out there who are actually fake. They just claim to be genuine but in reality they are just self-centered people who make use of others for their own benefit and once they realise that the person is no longer of use or isn’t as useful as they thought, they just walk away and move on to the next.

Thank you for dropping by. Your service is no longer required. You may leave now as we have already found a substitute. 

People have somewhat become professionals in deceiving others with their innocent face, sugar-coated words and so-called genuine talks. It has become close to impossible to find someone who is genuinely sincere nowadays.

Most of the time in order to avoid these unnecessary situations, some tend to keep away and stay safe but are in return stamped as anti-social, snob, unfriendly. When in fact these people are the ones who are more genuine.

However far we run, we still tend to come across these fake people because they are everywhere. It has become highly impossible to distinguish between those who are sincerely genuine and those who are genuinely insincere due to the mask that they put on.

Choose wisely!

~ Mysterious Mind ©



I’m no poet nor a writer

Just a simple person with a complicated mind

A mind which never fails to amuse me

I’m not good with fancy words nor flowery sentences

Just simple and easily understandable words

Words that even fit for a common man

Despite this I’m amazed at how much I’ve reached out and achieved

Earning the appreciation of all those beautiful and kind souls

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Your kind words means a lot.

∼ Mysterious Mind ©


I love you as much as I hate you

I gave you as much as I drained you 

I told you as much as I heard you 

But you used me as much as you betrayed me. 

∼ Mysterious Mind ©

When Friends Become Strangers…

Isn’t it surprising how fast a friend can become a stranger? Just as easy as a stranger turning into a friend. Sometimes we think they have changed but in reality we never really knew who they truly are.

“Strangers can become best friends just as quickly as best friends can become strangers.”


For a moment we thought we actually knew them. We become close to them. We share our lives with them and without realising we start drifting apart all of a sudden. I mean, however much we make the effort to stay close and to keep in touch but somehow or rather everything just seems so different.

Those who value friendship will find a way to make it work but those who use and abuse will just come and go as they please. Well I guess that’s life. We just have to learn to live with it/move on.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

I Am My Own Best Friend!

Friends come and go in life. I’ve never really had the same bunch of friends throughout my life. It’s like each phase of my life I make new ones and the old ones some how drift off. Not that I intentionally let go of them but somehow we just end up losing touch and it can be sad at times. I do have some good friends and several of them are best friends in fact, whom I regularly keep in touch… Well I try to at least.

“People come and go. The only one that remains is you.”

Despite having these friends, I do get a tad bit jealous of those who managed to secure their friendship since childhood. I mean, it would be nice to have a friend/best friend that you have practically known your whole life. But with that being said, there is nothing like being your own best friend. Well, at least your secret is safe with you! 😉

Mysterious Mind ©


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