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If looks could be deceiving; so was the mask on your face.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

There are many people out there who are actually fake. They just claim to be genuine but in reality they are just self-centered people who make use of others for their own benefit and once they realise that the person is no longer of use or isn’t as useful as they thought, they just walk away and move on to the next.

Thank you for dropping by. Your service is no longer required. You may leave now as we have already found a substitute. 

People have somewhat become professionals in deceiving others with their innocent face, sugar-coated words and so-called genuine talks. It has become close to impossible to find someone who is genuinely sincere nowadays.

Most of the time in order to avoid these unnecessary situations, some tend to keep away and stay safe but are in return stamped as anti-social, snob, unfriendly. When in fact these people are the ones who are more genuine.

However far we run, we still tend to come across these fake people because they are everywhere. It has become highly impossible to distinguish between those who are sincerely genuine and those who are genuinely insincere due to the mask that they put on.

Choose wisely!

~ Mysterious Mind ©


Married At First Sight

Would you marry a total stranger? I mean I’ve heard of the olden days brides and grooms in certain cultures being unaware of the existence of their future spouses prior to their wedding day. That was like donkey years ago. But in the current day and age? Seriously?!?

I came across this programme called Married At First Sight and I was surprised to see how a person could blindly marry someone without knowing anything about their future partner. They actually meet their future spouse for the very first time on their wedding day, at the altar! Can you believe that?

I do understand that each one of them have been interviewed by the professionals and they are matched accordingly. Well I know it’s some sort of an experiment but I still can’t help but wonder how could someone leave the fate of their marriage on another person’s hand? Would you be daring enough to take that risk?

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Marriage And Relationship

A movie that I just watched (re-watched after many years actually) got me thinking about marriage and relationship. What really happens to a relationship after marriage? Does the love actually fade off after many years of marriage?

Well I guess it’s different if there was no love at all from the very beginning but then again a person might ask why marry in the first place? I guess that’s a whole different question. But what about those who fell in love and got married or those who even fell in love with their spouses after marriage. What happens to their love over the years? Does it just wear off? I can’t help but wonder?

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Lost And Empty

My memories betrayed me; leaving me helplessly lost and hopelessly empty.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Mixed Feelings 

Fire and ice

Sweet and spice

That’s how it feels 

Between you and me. 

~ Mysterious Mind ©


Who said that I was lifeless? Even a puppet has life; in the hands of its puppeteer.

~ Mysterious Mind ©


Waking up to your symphonic snore; deafening.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

Sleepless Affair

Sleep, oh how much I’ve missed you

I wonder if you’ve missed me too

You never seem to visit me often

Even if you do

It’s just for a brief moment or two

When will you return for a longer time

To give me the pleasure that’s overdue 

As I don’t seem to be able to live without you.

 ~ Mysterious Mind ©

Fire Within

The fire within 

Quietly dimming in time 

Leaving only ashes behind. 

~ Mysterious Mind ©

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