If looks could be deceiving; so was the mask on your face.

~ Mysterious Mind ©

There are many people out there who are actually fake. They just claim to be genuine but in reality they are just self-centered people who make use of others for their own benefit and once they realise that the person is no longer of use or isn’t as useful as they thought, they just walk away and move on to the next.

Thank you for dropping by. Your service is no longer required. You may leave now as we have already found a substitute. 

People have somewhat become professionals in deceiving others with their innocent face, sugar-coated words and so-called genuine talks. It has become close to impossible to find someone who is genuinely sincere nowadays.

Most of the time in order to avoid these unnecessary situations, some tend to keep away and stay safe but are in return stamped as anti-social, snob, unfriendly. When in fact these people are the ones who are more genuine.

However far we run, we still tend to come across these fake people because they are everywhere. It has become highly impossible to distinguish between those who are sincerely genuine and those who are genuinely insincere due to the mask that they put on.

Choose wisely!

~ Mysterious Mind ©


10 thoughts on “Mask

  1. Sabiscuit says:

    I completely get this: “…some tend to keep away and stay safe but are in return stamped as anti-social, snob, unfriendly.” It’s a tough call sometimes but people who are fake are not really good for our well being so why try hard to make a good impression on them. Some of the chattiest people I know are exceedingly self centred and antisocial. They talk to keep themselves in the spotlight. I like to let them have it. Great post, and lovely quote to start, MM. xo SB

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  2. ekvablogger says:

    I am always amazed that why can’t one recognize the fake person…….! It is as clear…..!
    while….It is OBVIOUS for me to pick the fake one…instantly..
    why people get into the charisma and drama of these kind of mask wearing ones….!!!!

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