Marriage And Relationship

A movie that I just watched (re-watched after many years actually) got me thinking about marriage and relationship. What really happens to a relationship after marriage? Does the love actually fade off after many years of marriage?

Well I guess it’s different if there was no love at all from the very beginning but then again a person might ask why marry in the first place? I guess that’s a whole different question. But what about those who fell in love and got married or those who even fell in love with their spouses after marriage. What happens to their love over the years? Does it just wear off? I can’t help but wonder?

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31 thoughts on “Marriage And Relationship

  1. Bhanu says:

    Radically if you still think of it, love will always become stronger, though the flavor might change, love will persist and stay. The kind of love that is real and stable, not the one that comes and passes by. The flare and the glittery kind, they won’t. But if two of them are in love with serenity and sense, love will stay and will persist. Would never wear off ! (my thoughts)

    Please see there will be few exceptions, but then who want to talk about exceptions !

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  2. aurawithwriting says:

    Every marriage reaches a point where the love might wear off. Or ‘appears’ to be that way. Because most couples don’t see love in everyday gestures. But eventually love is bound to be there, it’s only that we often don’t acknowledge it as we used to during the beginning days of courtship.
    All of the above is fairly my opinion :). Was curious which movie made you ponder! πŸ™‚

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